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Get the best of your chair - Astro by Featherlite

Astro (Mesh Work Chair) from Featherlite offers provides the unique combination of comfort, style and function.

Astro Swivel Captain's Chair

Demonstrating the function of a captain's chair swivel conversion.

DCUO FlashFact; Astro Helmet & Mobius Chair

DCUO video for new players.

Astro Musical Chairs/Dance battle

I hope this does not get taken down Astro having a musical chair or dance battle at a fanmeet.


Links: The Web site I learned this. com/shop/km-seat-swivel/ Step by step on installing a seat swivel on Chevy Astro Van or GMC Safari.

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Moon and Aurora
Photo by Kurayba on Flickr
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Dalat Amusement and Entertainment Center
According to the sign, the Dalat Amusement and Entertainment Center features: Go-Car Bumping Car Worm Chair Tower Railway Fusent Cycle Ball House Battery Car Merry-Goround Bumping Boat Whale Solar & Moon Apollo...
Photo by nerdcoregirl on Flickr
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testing the chair. Yea it will work for me. reggiebibbs "just ask" neurofibromatosis nf