Astro Table

The Astro Table

A project from Germany, called The Astro Table.

20170210 ASTRO Makestar Photobook Fansign Clip 8 - Jin Jin Breaking the Table

Trying to recreate the photobook.

Hondo & Astro Table Dance Pt 2

Hondo and Astro running.

Astro Tools 55600 2-In-1 Workbench

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#20. astrodeep200407aea.png
#20. Part of bottom half of Hubble Ultra Deep Field, 7.65 X 7.65 arc-sec, 255 X 255 pixels in the original HUDF, [ cropped from its original 823 X 823 p when saved on MGI PhotoSuite 4.0 as tif 112.618 MB ] become...
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One Sports 01
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