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[Eng sub/HD] 160507 ASTRO - Fan heart attack Idol TV

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FKTV-Klassiker: 10 skurrile Momente aus Astro-TV

Aus Folge 14 (2008) von Fernsehkritik-TV (http://www.

"Der ist aus dem Ausland" - Rassismus bei Astro-TV

Aus Folge 198 von Fernsehkritik-TV - 2x pro Monat auf http://massengeschmack.

[KSTYLE TV] The Immigration | ASTRO Part 1

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First (Northern) Lights
So there I was, minding my own business, TV on and browsing Facebook. A few tog friends say they can see aurora...hmm. I decide to gamble. I'm staying in Fife in a flat and I know the main window is north-facing, so I...
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NGC7000 and IC1318 Mosaic with CLS filter
Subject: NGC7000, IC1318, NGC6888, etc. Image Size: 2 panels = 2 x 3168 x 2112 (with overlap) -- reduced to 67% size Image FOV: 18 degrees by 17 degrees (approx) Image Scale: 17 arc-second/pixel (reduced to 67%...
Photo by s58y on Flickr
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M22 with Telephoto lens
Subject: M22 -- Left half: 1-minute subexposures -- Right half: 5-minute subexposures Image Size: 2800 x 2800 (each half) Image FOV: 52 minutes by 52 minutes (each half) Image Scale: 1.11 arc-second/pixel Date:...
Photo by s58y on Flickr