Ball Return

Shoot-Around Basketball Ball Return Demonstration

com/ With the Shoot-Around's rotating 180-degree ball return, spend more time working on your game, and less time retrieving balls.

One Minute To Install a Basketball Ball Return

You'll get a returned ball when shooting hoops.

SKLZ Rapid Fire Ball Return System

com/ball-returns/rapid-fire-ii/invt/bbrfsr001 The Rapid Fire II is a quick return basketball shooting trainer that.

Vintage Bowling Alley Ball Return

This is a vintage and retro-style bowling ball return system I found that some friends of mine took me to on my 26th birthday while in Herington, Kansas.

How a Bowling Alley Works

This particular design is taken mostly from Brunswick's pinsetter. The ball return is taken from.

christmas 50mm bokeh project365 project3661
Day 4 of 365: Bye-bye, Christmas
Sunday 4th January, 2009 Day 4 of 365 - '365 in 2009' Group With the decorations coming down tomorrow, I thought it would be best to take advantage of the pretty coloured lights on the tree before they're gone for...
Photo by tentwo.teneight on Flickr
party hangover newyearseve silvester kater neujahr newyearsday feier
The party's over II
This image was created by me. You may use it without restrictions in blogs, websites etc., even for commercial purposes. Terms and conditions: mark me (Christian Schnettelker) as the creator and set a link to...
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moon berkeley eclipse wintersolstice lunar 2010
2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse as seen from Berkeley
Cloud cover impeded a clear view of this event in Berkeley, but there was enough clearing just before totality to get these few shots. Cloud cover returned right at totality, but we were glad we were there to see...
Photo by hortulus on Flickr