Balloon Chair

GoPro: Shotgun Balloon Drop

GoPro Athlete Erik Roner floats 8000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair attached to 90 weather balloons.

Crazy Lawn Chair Balloon Flight!

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Balloon chair: Man who flew balloon chair across Canada forced to pay $26,500 for stunt - TomoNews

CALGARY, CANADA — A man famous for flying a chair tied to more than 100 helium balloons has been ordered by a judge to pay $26500 for his incredibly .

MythBusters- Lawn-Chair Balloon | MiniMyth

com/tv/mythbusters/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1 | Can weather balloons attached to a lawn.

Elephant shocked to death after rubbing electrical tower ; Man on balloon chair - 03/23/2017

An endangered Asian elephant was shocked to death after knocking over a electrical tower last week.

Balloon back chair, gold seat
Photo by US Embassy Sweden on Flickr
team balloon oregonstateuniversity the oit
The OIT balloon team
The OIT balloon team. Evan Pickett (student with hat and blue jacket) is shown steadying the balloon. Tim Brower, associate professor and department chair of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology and...
Photo by Oregon State University on Flickr
Balloon Chair
Photo by pasa47 on Flickr