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The North Carolina Barbecue Trail - Legends and Revolutionary (OV)

This historic trail leads barbecue fans through the whole state of NC to some of the best BBQ joints.

Why The Best Southern Barbecue Takes Weeks To Make — Southern Foodways Alliance

Rodney Scott cooked his first whole pig at 11 years old, sealing his fate to become a barbecue pit master.

ELSA’s Barbecue! ELSA toddler gets burned! Anna scared of bees! Elsa & Anna toddlers enjoy the BBQ!

This parody dolls video is a kids friendly educational movie that shows the famous characters of Disney's movie "Frozen", the queen Elsa of Arendelle and her .

Camper! Elsa's barbecue! Picnic S'mores Horse riding! Camping & Play in Barbie's Camper Van!

Elsa and Anna are taking their. Elsa & Anna take girls camping in Barbie's deluxe Camper Van. Elsa's barbecue.

barbecue ribs fallequinox
barbecue ribs, pork
Photo by David McSpadden on Flickr
Barbecued chicken thighs
Photo by Alex Valavanis on Flickr
grill barbecue
Memorial Day Barbecue
Photo by slgckgc on Flickr