Biwa Lute

The Biwa - Traditional song from Japan


Hikaru Miyoshi Plays Biwa, the Japanese Lute 琵琶を弾く三好輝さん

The shamisen player who let me stay in Matsuyama can play the biwa, Japanese lute.


Atsumori (The Death of Atsumori). voice, biwa. Ayako Handa: Biwa and voice The Biwa -- a plucked, pear-shaped lute with four or.

Yoko Hiraoka, a Lecture/Recital of Japanese Biwa Music

February 20, 2008. Yoko Hiraoka, a member of the Yamato Komyoji ryu, presents a lecture/recital of Japanese Biwa music.

Gogen Lute (Sakura)

This is my interpretation of the 5 string biwa in the Shoso-in Imperial Repository at Todai-ji, Nara, Japan.

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Vooner Voom and Tooter Claxton should hook up!
masters of odd avatars unite. the calrot, the carrot, space ball, duck costume (not as pretty as ducky), the baby carrot, strawberry, carrot ball, houichi (wtf?), grape & muscat, camo carrot, strawberry ball,...
Photo by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ on Flickr