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In Bed With Matt and Blue

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In this video, I show you how I re-made the bed for my daughter's Lagoona Blue doll of Monster High.

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backyard darkness jose sanjose bluedaisy feliciaamelloides
Early Morning just as fog lifted on my bed of Blue Daisy
The morning fog was just lifting and the sun was starting to shine through in patches on my bed of blue daisies -- (Felicia amelloides). I was using a Canon 24-105 zoom lens with a Canon 500 D closeup lens (poor man's...
Photo by Bob Benson 49 on Flickr
blue thinkingputty sillyputty blueblue blueblueblue
blue bed, blue putty
I'm fresh out of supermodels and blue lights for our tiny assignment 'blue' in our tiny group of crappers, so I went for cheap idea again with cheap composition and expensive silly/thinking putty. That stuff is...
Photo by analytik on Flickr
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Photo by Manoir de la Boirie on Flickr