Box Corner Sofa

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Corner sofa bed AMAR

Universal - Can swap from one to the other side Practical - 2 boxes for bedding Easy installation with 4 parts so will go thru even by the tightest doors.

How to Make a Box Cushion with a Zipper

This tutorial shows how to make a simple box cushion with a zipper.

Leather Corner Sofa with storage

Leather Corner Sofa with storage.

IKEA FRIHETEN Sofa Bed Assembly Guide

v=XwjFD6romAY The IKEA FRIHETEN is a sofa lounger that has.

Chelsea Corner Sofa Dining Set

Here we take the already tried and tested rounded corner sofa set and the simple.

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3 Stars & Improving
The June 2008 edition of Haringey People (the Council's glossy magazine delivered free to every home) had an article boasting that the national Audit Commission had given us a rating of "3-stars and...
Photo by Alan Stanton on Flickr
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Star Saloon - Fords Theatre - Washington DC - 2012-07-13
The Star Saloon, south of Ford's Theatre on 10th Street NW in Washington, D.C. The three doors with glass which you see are entry points to the Star Saloon. It was Good Friday, April 14, when John Wilkes Booth went...
Photo by Tim Evanson on Flickr
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The Final Electonical Home Theatrical Configuration
Here's the finished view of the rewiring project for my old home theater in Jackson. I moved the projector to the back of the couch and added a couple of gaming/movie chairs to the mix. Subwoofer amps in corner run...
Photo by thetimchannel on Flickr