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How to Install a Window A/C Unit

This video. For those of you who don't have internal air, the window air conditioning unit is a good second option.

How to clean window AC unit

This AC unit was not cooling and all it needed was cleaning.

TROUBLESHOOTING Wall & WIndow A/C Units(Step By Step)

A highly comprehensive, easy to understand, STEP BY STEP video which explains how A/C systems work, and how to test numerous components such as the .

How to install AC Window Unit with horizontal sliding window

Also - See 2 yr update video @ http://youtu.

Installing window AC unit | window air conditioner

Be sure to install correctly so water and condensation is directed out of your home and not inside. Installing a window air conditioner for your home.

Temporary A/C Unit
Our air conditioner has been performing poorly of late. The maintenance guy who looked at it was of the opinion that the whole (25 year old) thing needed to be replaced, an opinion I privately shared. He gave us...
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night fort qatar wakra
Wakra Fort
Old fort in Wakra, Qatar, that I drive past to and from work every day. The light inside just screams "Welcome, come on in!"
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brazil brasil vw 1980 picnik bauru
the house in Bauru, SP, Brazil
built in 1979, we were the first occupants. It had no closets, 2 1/2 baths, 3 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, kitchen, laundry and maid's quarters. The location was near downtown, behind the police station....
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