Air Condensing

AC not cold enough - Air Conditioner maintenance cleaning HVAC condenser condensing coils remove fan

I am not a professional. :) Many asked where to buy a Coil Fin Comb. Here is how i cleaned the condenser coils.

How to repair an Air Conditioning condenser leak

This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany.

Air-Cooled Condenser with Microchannel Coil Technology

Reduce energy use and store operation costs with our new air-cooled condenser, featuring microchannel coil technology.

How Air Conditioning Works Animation--Part 1 of 3

Animation of compression refrigeration cycle and air conditioning Heat of vaporization Pressure and boiling point Why is an aerosol can cold.

Straight Cool Air Conditioning Condensing Unit Wiring Practice - Electrical Project #7

The HVAC student will master the component wiring for a straight cool outdoor air conditioning condensing unit to a disconnect box.

ice weather clouds nasa antarctic icebridge antarcticsea
Wonders in the Antarctic Sea and Sky
Wonders in the Antarctic Sea and Sky NASA aircraft and scientists have returned to the United States after a short ice-surveying mission to #Antarctica. Despite having only a week of flying time, the team returned...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
ocean beach water clouds sunrise landscape sand waves florida palmbeach hdr 5photosaday img8883
Feel the waves!
Sunrise taken at Palm Beach, FL I kinda wish I was still on vacation.... This was actually just a test shot to see if my camera was working properly because I didn't realize that the humidity in the air would...
Photo by Benson Kua on Flickr
Dew on Scarlet Sheetweb Weaver (Florinda coccinea) web, Julie Metz Wetlands, Woodbridge, Virginia
Dew is water that has condensed onto objects near the ground when their temperatures have fallen below the dew point of the surface air. This Scarlet Sheetweb Weaver's web is covered with dew. Place: Julie Metz...