Air Conditioner 12 Volts

Cruise N Comfort USA HD-12L 12 Volt Air Conditioner

Great for Semi's, Limo's, Construction Equipment, Vans

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12 Volt Portable A/C MightyKool MK4 Running a home Air conditioner in your Van The truth

html My vans power source is a 100 watt solar kit, single Optima Marine Deep Cycle battery and a schumacher 750 watt inverter.

Cruise N Comfort USA 12 Volt Air Conditioner Installation

Cruise N Comfort USA MES 4000 MES 6000 12 volt Marine Air Conditioner Install.

12v Air Conditioner for RV

Here's a recent Craigslist score, (3) 12v swamp coolers for $100, Frankensteined into 2 working 12v evaporative coolers for unlimited cooling using my 12v solar .

12 Volt Homemade Air Conditioner

Mightykool K2 12 volt portable AC Evaporative cooler in van demo 20+ Degree temp drop