Air Conditioner Brackets

Window AC Bracket Installation Video

Window A/C bracket installation.

Why Installing Your Air Conditioner Up On Brackets is Better Than On A Patio Slab Barrie

Ardent Heating, Air Conditioning & Water Treatment Specialists give reasons reasons why installing an central air conditioning system on brackets is well worth .

EZ-AC Air Conditioner Support Bracket

The EZ-AC is a window air-conditioner support bracket that makes air-conditioner installation safe, fast and easy for any homeowner or apartment tenant.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner - The AC Safety Net - Makes Brackets & Supports Obsolete

How to Install a window air conditioner safely.

How to Install Mounting Brackets for Mini Split Ductless AC

Link to the brackets featured here: http://amzn. Installation of Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit.

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All this trouble for this.
So, the board of my building is convinced there's a NYC law requiring brackets under all window air conditioner units. I found a PDF on the NYC Dept. of Buildings website saying people "may use" them....
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Air conditioners without brackets chelsea
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