Air Conditioner Cords

Air Conditioners and Extension Cords

Air Conditioners and Extension Cords.

AC power cords explained, testing, installation, safety | tips & methods |

This is a short demonstration and explanation of 3 wire and 2 wire AC or alternating current power cords.

Window air conditioner cord safety. Do not create a fire with your window ac unit.

How to make sure your window air conditioner cord is safe and not a fire hazard .

how to change a broken electrical ac cord plug tutorial

mitaki-japan. com | Easy, simple, step by step DIY video on how to repair a broken end to any electrical cord for 120v USA style male end plugs.

RicksDIY How To Replace Appliance Power Cord Plug End

How To Replace Appliance Power Cord Plug End, repair on our dishwasher by replacing the power cord plug end, the video goes in depth on how to repair, .

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The Guesthouse-Office (Built in 1921)
The windows have been replaced. Been here 20-years. Next pic will be when I finish. It's built mostly of Cedar to deter termites. I used to live in here, rent the front-house out and sleep on the floor -- push chairs...
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I like the power cords on these air conditioners
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