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Feb 18, 12:39 PST

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AC Performance Test - EricTheCarGuy

com/ It's that time of year and your looking to see if your AC is working as good as it should well. AC Performance Test - EricTheCarGuy http://www.

Increasing AC Performance by Cleaning Your Condenser -EricTheCarGuy

Increasing AC performance by cleaning your condenser was a surprise to me. My friend and forum moderator Paul Krawsek aka College man, turned me onto.

RV Air Conditioner Cooling Test

In this RV how to video learn how easy it is to test your RV air conditioner's cooling performance.

Fujitsu ASTG09KMCA ASTG12KMCA Airconditioner Performance Review

How To Recharge an AC System - EricTheCarGuy

I would urge you perform safe practices when working with AC and avoid venting refrigerant.

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Coil Cleaning
I never even thought about cleaning the coils on my air conditioner until a neighbor told me he cleaned his and noticed a significant difference in performance. It's easy to do. Take a 5/16 speed ratchet and remove...
chevette chevroletchevette 1979chevette chevrolet worstcars worstcarsofalltime
Cars I Have Owned: 1979 Chevrolet Chevette 4-Door Hatchback Sedan, Purchased New, Photographed in 1986 in Columbia, Maryland, (Only Have 2 Low Quality Photos of the Car), Note: The Side Strip Frequently Fell Off
We purchased the Chevette in 1979 as an inexpensive car for the long daily commute into DC. With a small 4-cylinder engine, it was best to stay in the right lane especially with the air conditioner running on a hot...
Photo by France1978 on Flickr
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Wright Aeronautical Wankel RC2-60 Rotary, 1965
Wright Aeronautical Wankel RC2-60 Rotary, 1965: German engineer Felix Wankel conceived his rotary engine in 1924 and patented it in 1936. It featured a triangular cam connected to the drive shaft that acted like...
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