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HVAC Service: Why AirTemp HVAC Equipment SUCKS!!

HVAC Troubleshooting Installation Heatpump Air.

2011 or 2012 Airtemp (NORDYNE) 3.5-ton straight-cool central air-conditioner running on a warm day!

Another "badge-engineered" NORDYNE product.

1963 Chrysler Airtemp Imperial Air Conditioner

Here it is before restoration.

How cold should my air conditioning Be?

explaining the the difference between return temperature and supply temperature.

Air Temp Air Conditioning Inc.


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my new view of the the manchester office. when i say the office i mean the bit of the office i sit in. the huge black thing in the bottom right is a portable air conditioner. its a temp fix...... what goes on in...
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Another blurry photo but shows rose that brightened up my day. It's been a long hot week as on Tuesday my air conditioner bit the dust. Yep, on our first day of triple digit temps. Still no a/c and now camping out...
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