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AMCOR Packaging and Distribution

Hear from Amcor's safety leaders on our approach to safety

Amcor is committed to ensuring that every co-worker returns home safely.

Amcor's Liquiform™ is a game-changing technology

Amcor launches a revolutionary new technology.

Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen’s Sicherheits-Rap

Ganz im Sinne der Amcor Sicherheitskultur, in der proaktives Handeln groß geschrieben wird, produzierten Mitarbeiter von Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen in der .

jane amcor colalife
Jane at Amcor
Photo by ColaLife on Flickr
amcor colalife
Cheque presentation - Amcor
Names... Left to Right Gareth Spencer Marek Krol Simon Berry Jane Berry Peter Ettridge Sue Davies
Photo by ColaLife on Flickr
awards amcor colalife
Amcor Award - 2014
Photo by ColaLife on Flickr