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Whirlpool® CES 2017: Smart Appliances with Amazon Alexa*

*Requires Wifi and account creation. Control your kitchen and laundry no matter what you've got on your hands.

WiFi Connect GE Appliances and Geneva

GE Appliances has partnered with Amazon using their Echo device to give you the capability to control your GE appliance at home using just your voice.

Thanks to GE, you can now talk to your appliances with Amazon's Alexa

GE unveiled a new integration that allows you to communicate with and control select kitchen appliances with Amazon Alexa.

You can now control your GE large appliances with Amazon Alexa

co/2d0RIUH GE Appliances and Amazon announced Tuesday the release of Geneva, an Alexa skill that lets you give voice.

UrAverageConsumer + Whirlpool® at CES 2017: Smart Appliances with Amazon Alexa

Judner and Arie Aura step into to the Whirlpool® Smart Suite and discover how Amazon voice integration is changing the way we care.