Carrier Window Air Conditioner

Carrier Estrella 1.5 tn Window AC

AC makes more noise than LG Ac. In room noise is managable but outside noise is too much.

Carrier Window Air Conditioner Fix

Since a lot of people have been commenting on the previous video where this air conditioner showed up, I thought I'd let everyone know that it is fixed and back .


to/2ndDXt5 Brand Carrier Model GWRAC018ER020 Capacity 1. 5 tonnes Star Rating 3 star Compressor Tropical Rotary Power.

Carrier window airconditioner running 2.

Carrier aircon.

Carrier VisionAire 6,050 BTU Slim Line Air Conditioner

Originally recorded July 1, 2013. I found this Carrier Air Conditioner on the curb probably 10 years ago.

party stone train silver 60s hungary state diesel railway communist airconditioner leader arrow 1968 ac carrier 44 hungarian ganz máv locomotor rába kádár légkondi
An english made Stone-Carrier air-conditioner of MÁV 44, Silver Arrow, Kádár-train
MÁV 44 or "Silver Arrow" or "Kádár-train" was a hungarian governmental train from 1968 by Rába and Ganz factories. It was built because the communist dictator Kádár was afraid of airplanes. It was...
Photo by granada_turnier on Flickr