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2008 Porsche Cayenne 957 4.8 Turbo Ignition Coil

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Men Hair: How To Coils / Dreadlock With The J.R METHOD - Fast & Easy

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Top 10 Coil Builds

List of the best coil builds imo Song: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink.

Finger Coils Tutorial Male/Female

It was requested from when i posted my 2 hair tutorial. I know i havent posted in a while you guys but heres a vid to make it up to you.

Truly simple Fused Clapton coils ~ RDA Atomizers

This is the OHM reader i'm using. It's from CoilMaster http://www. coil-master. net/product/coil-master-521 I am by no means a "builder.

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A North American desert millipede, Orthoporus sp. Supposedly Orthoporus ornatus, but they all look alike. Check out my group for centipedes and millipedes, Myriapoda :)
Photo by Furryscaly on Flickr
Photo by Stephen Edmonds on Flickr
44/∞ February 14, 2013 (shot on March 7, 2010) + We went to an abandoned factory to take some pictures.
Photo by Stepan Mazurov on Flickr