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Getting your swamp cooler ready for winter

Eric Garvey of HandyMan Matters of South Metro Denver and Colorado Springs show how to winterize your swamp cooler.

Details Swamp Cooler Cover Downdraft 40x40x45 (WxDxH) Canvas - Dial #8450 Best

to/1LKDcg6 Swamp Cooler Cover Downdraft.

Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler Now Before It's Too Late - 1 of 2

Winterize your cooler to prevent freeze damage and cold air infiltration * Turn the power off * Pull the drain plug and drain the pan * Reinstall the side panels and .

Draft proofing an evaporative cooler vent

In this step-by-step video watch a quick and easy way to draught-proof evaporative cooling vents for winter.

Swamp Cooling Homebrew Beer Carboy Water How to Ferment Cover Carrier

We show you how to build a swamp cooling system for carboys by using a submersible pump, a fan, some tubing, and The All-inOne Carboy Cover.