Down Swamp Cooler

Getting your swamp cooler ready for winter

Eric Garvey of HandyMan Matters of South Metro Denver and Colorado Springs show how to winterize your swamp cooler.


Many of our older houses of the Central Valley rely on a good old fashioned SWAMP COOLER to keep.

repair a swamp cooler that shuts down. very easy!

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Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler Now Before It's Too Late - 1 of 2

Winterize your cooler to prevent freeze damage and cold air infiltration * Turn the power off * Pull the drain plug and drain the pan * Reinstall the side panels and .

How to Winterize your Swamp Cooler

Get your swamp cooler ready for winter and keep it working well for years to come.

Interior pics soon, only a little more work to do. (I'm working on the baseboards now, needs stove and fridge, plus a few finishing touches.) Some of the walls are concrete, adobe-like, thick walls, so I'm going to...
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1315 N 2nd Ave., Tucson AZ
This house, a few blocks from where I live was built in 1919, about the same time as mine (1914). The windows in back are exactly the same but I replaced them all like, 35 windows. It is next door to where I saw the...
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roof house home patio mountainview deserthotsprings
New patio roof is about a third done 03.30.2008
Our new home was a foreclosure and the prior owners took the back patio roof. We also aadded concrete and paving stones.
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