Duct Transition

HVAC Installation: How To Build A Sheetmetal Duct Transition Or Blowout

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Duct Transition Part 2 of 3


Duct Transitions

John Hamilton provides you with recommendations on how to create proper transitions in your HVAC.

How to make a duct board transition.

I demonstrate how to make a two way transition.

duct insulation buildingductinsulation
Duct boot
Insulating the transitions was too hard for this installer.
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black hot rock dangerous desert ultimate ships flight large warped event reality rocket adventures launch cti 32 mph imax supersonic blastoff wildman 1132 ldrs cesaroni omotor o3400
Supersonic Duct Tape Melting
The HD camera barely held on... with the duct tape reduced to gauze, with the glue streaming down the airframe. But the camera got some great launch video before melting on top in the Mach transition...
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mcgyver ii air conditioning intake sortaexponentialcurve duct cardboard img 00073
McGyver II air conditioning intake from above
got a fair approximation of an exponential bell... here's the view down into my air conditioning duct adjustment... Not pretty, but the angular approximations of exponential curves smooth the transition from free air...
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