Evaporative Cooler Motors

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repair a swamp cooler that shuts down. very easy!

click on my name under the video. the end of this video shows how to pull the motor apart and what area of the armature to clean.

How to Buy a Swamp Cooler Motor SwampCoolerNinja.com

Basic look at Swamp Cooler Motors For more Free Swamp Cooler Repair Viedos go to SwampCoolerNinja.

Swamp Cooler Motor Replacement

Step by step instructions for replacing the electric motor on a swamp (evaporative) cooler.

Westinghouse evaporative cooler motor for box fan

I am going to try and use this evaporative cooler motor along with a heavily-pitched fan blade to make a heavy-duty box fan.

Swamp cooler motor for shop projects

sweden radiator motala evaporativecooling
Evaporative cooling, low tech
Radiator = string mop. Motala Motor Museum
Photo by Dvortygirl on Flickr