Evaporative Swamp Coolers

BONAIRE Evaporative (SWAMP) Cooler Review

I've had this unit for over 5 years and I saved thousands, easy to install, combined with a Thermostat , it's super easy to use and very versatile.

How to replace Evaporative Swamp cooler water pump

If your swamp cooler is not cooling as good as it should, it might be time for a new water pump, easy and cheap DIY job.

Homemade Evap. Air Cooler - The "5 Gallon Bucket" Swamp Cooler! DIY - can be solar powered!

easy to make. How to make an Evap. Evaporative Cooler works very well. /Swamp Air Cooler using a 5 gallon bucket.

"Swamp Cooler Installation" "How To Install An Evaporative Cooler"

Join me for a demonstration on how to install a "swamp cooler" also known as an "evaporative cooler".

Evaporative/Swamp Cooler Bleed Off Valve ~How to Completely Eliminate Scale Build-Up

tag=coolerbleed-20 +5/16"ID Vinyl Tubing:. Parts List~ +1/4" Pex Tubing: http://www.

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