General Electric Ac Units

New GE window air conditioner

Had to buy a new unit.


I am very impressed with the unit. This Video is the Review of the GE 6000 Window Air Conditioner.

Very old GE Air conditioner unit

He put freeon in it the compressor came on but then it shut down again.

General Electric GE 8100 BTU Air Conditioner AEL08LS (The Home Depot)

Please watch in 1080p Full HD. Kill-A-Watt Meter video : https://www.

REVIEW: GE 6400 BTU Room Air Conditioner A/C Model AEW06LQ

Here are my thoughts on this a/c and how it works :) I purchased this at Walmart and had it delivered to my door b/c they didn't carry it at my local store.

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