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Green air conditioning from underground cooling

Provide green air conditioning by using the cool thermal mass under buildings to cool air.

solar air conditioning

Green Power Resource Management 151 Orange Street Escondido, CA 92025 Phone: 855-75-POWER (855-757-6937) Email: mail@greenprm.

The "Green Air Conditioner" Demonstration Experiment in Tokyo, Japan

Each year, the number of extremely hot days recording temperatures above 35℃ is increasing. The summers in Japan are hot and humid.

Fixing "Green" air conditioning at a Hilton hotel

The Inn at Penn - Day 3 of stalled A/C. yet again.

Green Air Heating & Air Conditioning MARCH Furnace Tune-Up 2017 B

GoGreenAir. From Heating and Air Conditioning to Solar and Roofing, GREEN AIR is the East Bay's Energy Solutions Company.

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Growing wheat field, springtime green. Invigorating body, mind and soul. Hopefully not ( yet ) Triticum Monte Santum !!! Who knows ?
Why Does Monsanto Always Win? Excerpt from Wheat (Triticum spp.)[1] is a cereal grain, originally from the Levant region of the Near East and Ethiopian Highlands, but now cultivated...
Photo by Artist in doing nothing. on Flickr
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RAF Pillot with Night Vision Equipment
A Royal Air Force pilot wearing night vision goggles. A large proportion of the flying in operational theatres is conducted at night using night vision goggles: a form of light-enhancing binocular strapped to the...
Photo by Defence Images on Flickr
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Juniper Dunes Wilderness
The United States Congress designated the Juniper Dunes Wilderness in 1984 and it now has over 7140 acres. The Juniper Dunes Wilderness preserves the northernmost growth of western juniper, some of which have been...
Photo by BLMOregon on Flickr