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How to use the Kirby Carpet Shampoo System

Shampooing your carpet couldn't be easier. How to use the Kirby Shampooer. The Kirby shampoo attachment is a great addition to your Kirby.

Big Mess Test: Kirby G2000 Gsix G6 Limited Edition

I was quite nervous to do this with the Kirby, because it's dirty air vacuum and all what I vacuum goes through.

Kirby G6 2001 Limited Edition

Also came with the video and. Always wanted a Kirby so i got this one it came with all the attachments and the shampoo system.

Kirby vacuum ultimate G drive selector switch fix part1

Learn how to repair your vacuum drive so much.

Kirby G6 2000 Limited Edition Deep Pickup Demonstration

Demonstrating how a big heavy $5 thrift store Kirby vacuum can pick up filth better than the modern equivalent featherweight/canister model.