Leifheit Ironing Board Cover

Leifheit Ironing board Cover Universal

Ironing table cover in universal size, suitable for all ironing tables.

Leifheit Ironing Cover Tension Clips

Pack of 3 clips provided. Elasticated stretch from 160 - 350mm Tightens your ironing board cover preventing creases and slipping.

Leifheit Ironing Board Cover Turbo Reflect Universal Size

ly/1U1QwOa Theglide zone of makes it easier to iron. While sliding with the it becomes electrostatic and slides and faster.

Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board

laundrycompany. uk/products/LeifheitAirboardDeluxeXLIroningBoard. aspx The Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board has an ultra light ironing.

Leifheit Airboard Fusion XL Ironing Board Thermo Reflective Technology

The Leifheit Airboard Fusion ironing board breaks all the rules by offering a solid board (no mesh) but also light weight thanks to the use of advanced composite .