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LG Air Conditioner and Heater - SIngle Zone Ductless

You know the name LG for appliances and electronics but did you know that they also a world leader in air conditioning and heating.

LG Window Air Conditioner - Installation

This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to properly install your new LG Window Air Conditioner.

LG Air Conditioner Single Split Heat Cool Professional Installation

LG Air Conditioner Single Split Heat Cool Professional Installation.

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LG Air Conditioners: Window AC Filter Cleaning

Learn the process of window AC filter cleaning to maintain the cooling efficiency & performance of air conditioning unit.

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it's 85 degrees in my studio right now
and the heat index outside is 106. no wonder i feel sick. i've got two fans on, the central air and the a/c window unit on. i just can't get it to cool down... how hot is it where you are?
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