Model Volts Ac

What is ac Voltage

AC meters generally do not read in peak values or peak to peak values whether it is.

DIY High Voltage AC Power Supply

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Intro to AC Circuits using Phasors and RMS Voltage and Current | Doc Physics

We will use a cool method of describing the oscillation of current and voltage called phasors, which are fixed-length vectors that rotate at a constant frequency.

High Voltage AC/DC Effect on Human Body

This is a comparison between high voltage AC versus DC electricity on human body, and some circuit design. Do not try this at home.

AC Line Voltage Controller for Atwater Kent Model 40

The AK-40 TRF radio set was manufactured in 1928 and wants 110 volts AC line input, but modern line voltage is typically 125 volts.

1 model panel cm instrument apollo command module bobwhite x15 joeengle block1 fdai subpanel mdc18 mdc20
Early Apollo Instrument Panels
There’s something about the Apollo Block I artifacts that I find appealing. I like the embedded stories in prototype efforts and figure they are a rare window into a pivotal point of history. These are the Command...
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pseudoscience 15watts brainwavesynchronizer photicstimulator modelmd8 schneiderinstrumentco 117volts 5060cyclesac
A Light Bulb
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light canada rocket tiki 1260 lumitone lampradio
1941 Lumitone 1260 Lamp Radio
Got this awesome lamp radio in Vancouver 2 Octobers ago. Thanks to my bud Adrian for the new power cord! Model: 1260 Lumitone Dimensions (WHD)160 x 440 x 160 mm / 6.3 x 17.3 x 6.3 inch Modern plastics (no Bakelite...