Polar Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Anywhere?

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Polar Bear Air Conditioning | Grand Cayman

For over 25 years Polar Bear Air Conditioning has served the residents, property managers and building.

Polar Breeze Plus - portable air conditioner

Introducing the Polar Breeze Plus. The Polar Breeze Plus is a compact, portable air conditioning unit.

How to Recharge Your Car AC with Arctic Freeze

See how easy it is to recharge your car's air conditioning system with Arctic Freeze Ultra Synthetic R134a. Simply: 1. Attach the charging hose/gauge assembly.

Polar Air donates air conditioning unit to Henderson church

A Henderson church is now going to be a whole lot cooler heading into the summer months.

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yeah, turn me off its a polar bear pressing a power switch. the peeps who work deep within the bowels of the (insert name of your work coz im sure they are just the same as mine) publicity machine have just seen the...
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