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R-410A Charging! Weighing in Refrigerant Charge through the High Side Red Gauge and Why!

This is (In Real Time) how to weigh R410-A refrigerant into a system after it is vacuumed down to 500 microns, what to look out for, which side to weigh the .

Fixing refrigerator that not cooling enough by recharging R-134a Freon DIY

So I decided to fix this problem. Summer in 2015, my 13 years old fridge started to not cool enough.

R-410a refrigerant

This one describes some of the properties of this refrigerant which is replacing R-22. This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made.

How to read Refrigerant Property Diagrams (R-134A) // Thermodynamics - Class 67

Reading data of the diagram P-h there is still many other information: -entropy -specific volume -saturation lines -saturation pressure, temperatures -critical point .

Fix refrigerant leak and convert the system from MP39 to R 134a

I fix a leak and reclaim MP 39 , change the drier filter, change the oil . pull a vacuum and charge with R 134a.

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Aging Condenser Unit of a Split Air Conditioning System
This is the condenser unit of a split air conditioning system. This unit rejects heat outside the building while a fan coil cools the interior of the building. Copper pipes route refrigerant; the larger pipe, with...
Photo by Chris Hunkeler on Flickr