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What is R410A Refrigerant?

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Charging Refrigerant: Step by Step- Connecting Gauges, Checking the R410A Charge, How to Disconnect!

This is an Easy to Follow, STEP BY STEP PROCESS for R-410A AIR CONDITIONERS on how to Connect the Gauges, Measure if the Charge is Too Low, Right .

Daikin short of R410A refrigerant

Found this Daikin A/C that wasn't working correctly.

R-410A Charging! Weighing in Refrigerant Charge through the High Side Red Gauge and Why!

This is (In Real Time) how to weigh R410-A refrigerant into a system after it is vacuumed down to 500 microns, what to look out for, which side to weigh the .

Charging Refrigerant: Step by Step Procedure to Check a R-410a Charge in an Outdoor AC unit

This is how to check the charge on an outdoor condenser using the subcooling process.