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Developing the Seer Anointing

That means we can connect with the Father.

Secrets of the Seers

How would you like it if the Lord offered you “divine wisdom” that would transform your life and bring you and your family into the completeness of all He created .

Activating The Seer Realm

Jason explains one of his significant experiences in the seer realm.

Jonathan Welton - School of the Seer Conference - Aug. 19th-21st, 2011 - Part 1/4

Jonathan Welton, author of "School of the Seers" and "Normal Christianity" speaks at the Truth and Deliverance Ministries International church on the west side .

Witch - Seer

Realy catchy song, great riff.

family home fun
Photo by paulscott56 on Flickr
skippy 2005 license plate vanity seer
Photo by skpy on Flickr
psychic seer ouijaboard
Seer's Plaza
This sign looked like a Ouija board to me because of it's font and faded background. "What are you really seeing?"
Photo by queercatkitten on Flickr