Stove Grates

How to Clean Stove Grates with Ammonia - Easy and No Scratching

This is an easy way to get burned on food off your range grates and caps. How to clean stove grates with no scrubbing or scratching.

How to Clean Greasy, Grimy Stove Grates

Trying to clean the grates on your stove can be an exercise in frustration, especially if they're caked in years of grease (I don't think mine had ever been cleaned .

HOW TO: Clean Your Stove Grates With NO SCRUBBING

Stove grates can be nearly impossible to get clean, until you try THIS brilliant technique.

How to remove tough grime from stove grates - Very Easy method

Its by far the most easy. Watch this very easy tutorial to easily clean tough grease and grime that is deposited on your stove grates.

LG Range - Burner Head, Cap, Grate & Cook top Cleaning

This short video will show you how to clean the burner heads, caps, grates and cook top of your LG gas range.

stove castiron squaredcircle littleton ericksons
This is an "after" picture showing what a restored piece looks like.
Photo by Muffet on Flickr
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Nairn - Original Police Station
2,000 views on 25th October 2013 1,000 views on 7th August 2013 Although the Nairnshire Constabulary and (while it existed) Nairn Burgh Police each had an office of sorts within the Burgh of Nairn, this was the first...
Photo by conner395 on Flickr
stove castiron littleton ericksons
stove grate
This is hidden behind the stove, but still elegant.
Photo by Muffet on Flickr