Swamp Cooler Belts

How to adjust the belt tension on a swamp cooler

Tips for adjusting the blower drive belt on a swamp cooler.

How to replace Evaporative Swamp cooler fan motor Belt

if your fan motor belt looks as bad as this one, make sure you replace it before you start using your Swamp cooler for the summer.

Evaporative cooler belt change

Bel change over on an evaporative cooler in portsea Victoria.

Basic look at Swamp Cooler Belts SwampCoolerNinja.com

Basic look at Swamp Cooler Belts For more Free Swamp Cooler Repair Viedos go to SwampCoolerNinja.

Evaporative Cooler - Belt Replacement

Replacing the belt on a Cool-Space evaporative cooler.