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Swamp Cooler Start-Up

Use these maintenance tips to get your swamp (evaporative) cooler ready for summer.

Homemade Evap. Air Cooler - The "5 Gallon Bucket" Swamp Cooler! DIY - can be solar powered!

easy to make. How to make an Evap. Evaporative Cooler works very well. /Swamp Air Cooler using a 5 gallon bucket.

How an Evaporative Cooler Works

Compares the operation of an evaporative cooler to that of an air conditioner.

Homemade Evaporative Air Cooler! - Simple "Box Fan" Conversion - EASY Instructions!

step by step instructions will show you how to do it. can. /swamp coolers are great for dry climates.

Do it yourself summerize swamp air cooler

Your Comfort shows De-Winterization / summarize techniques to get your swamp cooler ready for summer.

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417 // 930.75 square-feet (including porch)
Everything here is new, there isn't a square-inch that my helper & I didn't touch . . . except, we didn't tuckpoint the lava rocks, the guy I sold the house to -- who "walked away" after his divorce --...
Photo by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ on Flickr
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swamp cooler
Lucky duck Leah has a Thermador "car cooler" swamp cooler on her 1962 bug.
Photo by EllenJo on Flickr
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DIY swamp coolers
Greg Enslow and Christin Boyd were looking to stay cool at burning man.
Photo by Josh Kopel on Flickr