Thermal Zone Air Conditioners

Thermal Zone Mini-Split 9k BTU Air Conditioner

This min-split (Cooling only no heat option) I purchases via International Refrigeration circa 2008. It's been working with zero issues ever since the install.

2013 Thermal Zone Air Conditioner - 6/23/14

This is a video of a 2013 Thermal Zone air conditioner in a residential neighborhood.

ThermalZone Heat Pump - Quieter than a Goodman

Not as quiet as the American Standard units I've installed but such an improvement over the Goodman turd I removed.

Thermal Zone Condenser Install Revisited a Year Later

I return to a Rheem cube style Thermal Zone unit I installed in 2015.

Thermal Zone And Goodman Heat Pumps

the Thermal Zone is a ductless unit.