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Camper Van Window Unit AC Install COMPLETE!

Finally finished with the install of the window AC in my camper van.

How To Install a Window AC Unit

Installing a window air conditioner is a pretty simple project and doing it correctly will make sure your AC is safe and working properly.

Installing window AC unit | window air conditioner

Be sure to install correctly so water and condensation is directed out of your home and not inside. Installing a window air conditioner for your home.

Goodman Condenser Cleaning - Multizone Unit - AC Cleaning - Clean Air Conditioner Coils

Please use just a reference. This work is just created for educational purposes.


maybe some you have been asking wheres the new air conditioning video ,so here it is it's about how to clean your indoor unit at home in just 8 easy step,so .

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22°C, no wind, mosquitos and black flies. What to do? You cover the tent with aluminized tarp and start your tiny 3 Watt computer fan. -- Instant relief.
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AC Unit
About half of that came last night.
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