World's Strongest Whirlpool

A deadliest whirlpool.

Swimming with a Whirlpool! (Ocean Whirlpool)

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Amazing monstrous whirlpool / Чудовищный водоворот / Dvietes atvars / Torbellino / Tourbillon

Dviete, Latvia (Latvija, Lettland) Monstrous whirlpool in parish Dviete, Latvia swallows everything in its path.

Ocean Whirlpool! (Crazy Whirlpool Swimmer)

Kid gets sucked in whirlpool

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action whirlpool
Whirlpool at Alnwick
Photo by Dave Stokes on Flickr
water whirlpool makerfaire
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Photo by tolomea on Flickr
niagara falls whirlpool andyarthur
The Whirlpool on the Niagara River, a short hike from the Whirlpool State Park on the now-crippled Robert Moses Parkway, thanks to the environmentalists who hate the road, mainly because it was named after Robert...
Photo by andyarthur on Flickr