Window Evaporative Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning for the Garage

Swamp Cooler, Evaporative Cooler, Desert Cooler, and a few other names that these.

MasterCool MCP44 Evaporative Cooler Review

This video is a followup of the install video.

Better Living - How effective is Evaportive Cooling?

au Staying cool in summer need not make you hot under the collar when the power bills arrive. http://www.

Air Filter for Window Mount Evaporative Cooler - Filter Your Incoming Air

Going over how I made a filter cover for my Bonaire Durango Window Mount Evaporative Cooler.

Champion Cooler Window Evaporative/ Swamp Coolers

Window evaporative/ swamp coolers offer high efficiency performance, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

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85+ degrees in the living room!!
This thermometer is between the sitting room and living room. See, this house - like so many out here in the desert - has no air conditioning, just an evaporative cooler, aka a "swamp cooler". You can...
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