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Vintage Trav-L-Cool Electric Swamp Cooler Window AC Unit Thermador

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BONAIRE Evaporative (SWAMP) Cooler Review

I've had this unit for over 5 years and I saved thousands, easy to install, combined with a Thermostat , it's super easy to use and very versatile.

Swamp Cooler Tuneup

Here's how I converted this window unit swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler as they're also know, into a mobile cooler for my shop.

Evaporative Cooler Install

v=ppHe7ZgiiaU This is the permanent installation of an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler.

Champion Cooler Window Evaporative/ Swamp Coolers

Window evaporative/ swamp coolers offer high efficiency performance, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Swamp Cooler in Las Vegas - Bonaire window Unit

My swamp still works great even under these extreme temperatures WOW. Best deal on Best Dirt Bike Tires - http://amzn.

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Frozen Motion - Rain Window
Recirculating evaporative 'rain window' cools surrounding air. This passive cooling system is fed by the cistern from the storm water collection system. Project Name: Levine Residence Project Type: Addition and...
Photo by Jeremy Levine Design on Flickr
1315 N 2nd Ave., Tucson AZ
This house, a few blocks from where I live was built in 1919, about the same time as mine (1914). The windows in back are exactly the same but I replaced them all like, 35 windows. It is next door to where I saw the...
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Swamp Cooler
Photo by Phil_Parker on Flickr