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Blender Repair- Replacing the Drive Coupling (Whirlpool Part # 9704230)

com/PS401661-Whirlpool-9704230-Drive-Coupling. partselect. http://www.

Electric Can Opener Won't Open EAZY FIX!!

Quick Repair for Electric can opener that won't open.

Rice Cooker Repair

How do you repair a rice cooker. First, it is not that easy to find the problem. Once you find the problem, it may cost you more to buy the.

Iron Repair - No Power or Short in cord wire - Rowenta Master

It's because the wire keeps bending. A short in the wire is the most common problem with any hand held tool.

1970s SCM Proctor Silex Electric Automatic Glass Coffee Percolator

1970s glass percolator. This is what I found at a thrift shop.