Refrigeration Tubing

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How to bend copper tubing for refrigeration and air conditioning

My intent is to help anyone looking into a career in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to get a good start. My videos will get better.

Copper oxide in brazing refrigeration tubing

The use of nitrogen in the tubing will prevent this. This one demonstrates how copper oxide is formed in tubing when brazing is done.

Main Arena Refrigeration Tubing 6.18.2015

The installation of over 10000 miles of refrigeration tubing began on June 18. Tubes were laid out over the chairs at 4" centers then heat welded to the header.

My DIY Brazing Refrigerant Copper Piping

In this video I have brazed copper pipe using nitrogen to stabilize it and show how t.

how to flare copper tube with flaring tool (for refrigeration system)

heres how to use a flaring tube to flare a copper tubing for flare fitting if you have any question leave it in a comment and leave a suggeation comment for future .

tubes climatisation pvcc raccords tuyauteries girpi systemo htacpvc htaf réfrigération roninets légionelles légionellose
SYSTEM'O, système de tubes, accessoires, robinets et polymère de soudure (colle) en CPVC pour des installation de chauffage, sanitaire et climatisation réversibles. Indispensable dans la lutte contre les légionelles...
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curves pipes copper viacaldera21
The tubes composing a large condenser for industrial refrigeration
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Removing old ammonia refrigeration system tubing.
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