Replacement Stove Knobs

Gas Stoves & Ovens : How to Fix a Knob on a Gas Stove

Fix a knob on a gas stove with help from an appliance repair.

LG knob replacement Retro-Fit Part 1

This is a permenant fix for the broken knobs that occur after a year or so of normal use. A retro-fit for existing LG gas range knobs.

Easy DIY Kitchen Aid (Whirlpool) Stove Knob Repair Using Zip Ties

In this video I show how I repaired the knobs on my Kitchen Aid (Whirlpool) kitchen stove (electric range) using some Loctite super glue and Zip Ties.

Oven Control Knob (part #WP9761962)-How To Replace

Buy the new Oven Control Knob WP9761962 .

Replacement Oven and Cooker Knobs

Visit the Ezee-Fix webstore, over 500000 spare parts. uk Quick video from Ezee-Fix showing how to fit a universal knob for oven or.