Salton Accessories

Oasis Palms RV Park...Salton Sea North Shore...Salton City...RVerTV

Full Time RV living . I Visited the north shore of the Salton sea located in the desert southeast of the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Areas.

Salton Sea South Shore... Varner Harbor....California... RVerTV

RVerTV Visited the south shore of the Salton sea located in the. This video is about fulltime rv living and The Salton Sea South Shore.

Salton VitaPro - Low Speed Juicer

This professional low speed juicer and smoothie maker creates a healthier, tastier and better quality juice.

Salton Dehydrator Review

A quick review of my overall impression of the Salton Dehydrator.

Salton Sea 2012

Abandoned adventures in the Salton Sea,California.