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Installing TTI Headers & Exhaust In Project Valiant

TTI makes headers and exhaust systems exclusively for Mopars.

1969 Charger 440 w/ 2.5" TTi Exhaust & Accurate Tips - 2

Another brief video/sound clip of my never ending project.

TTI exhaust

Finished installing tail pipes and tips.

69 'Cuda 340 Hughes Whiplash cam & 3" TTI Exhaust w/ Flowmaster style VX Series Mufflers

69 'Cuda 340 w/ Hughes Whiplash cam, TTI Torque-Stepped headers and full 3" exhaust to tips with VX Series 2 Chambered (Flowmaster Knock-off) mufflers.

TTI 3" Exhaust w/ X pipe and Dynomax 17793 Mufflers

TTI 3" X-Pipe exhaust with Dynomax 17793 mufflers.