Quail Egg Incubator Automatic Turner

HovaBator Genesis 1588 Digital Egg Incubator | Automatic Turner - Chicken Quail

Built in Digital Thermometer Hygrometer w/ LCD Display

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inexpensive homemade incubator with automatic egg turner for quail eggs

Click the link below: https://www. Want to see them hatching in my homemade hatcher.

Homemade automatic egg turner for incubator

I used a cabinet incubator turning system from a gqf sportsman and made my own turner.


We make 30 egg capacities to 30. 192 egg capacities 100% microcomputer control LCD.

New Incubator Test Run *Day 8* Coturnix Quail Eggs

This is our first time using it on a hatch. We're testing out our new Rite Farm Products #3600 Pro Digital Incubator with Automatic Turner.

My homemade quail incubator with egg turner working

Here it is working, though you can't really see it cause it takes 20 minutes to turn each way.