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The Five Lamps

The Five Lamps is a decorative lamp post with five lanterns, which stands at the junction of five streets - Portland Row, North Strand Road, Seville Place, Amiens .

ceiling fan with five lamp

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Five Lamp Posts

This is part of a video movement / dance collaboration between myself and my friend, amazing artist, dancer Heather Nicole AKA SATURDAYLOVEHENPARTY .

ireland limerick sarsfield williammurphy infomatique streetsofireland
Sarsfield bridge is now named in honour of Patrick Sarsfield, the Earl of Lucan, who is renowned in Limerick for his role in the Williamite War and the 1691 siege and Treaty of Limerick in particular. The bridge was...
Photo by infomatique on Flickr
shadow lamp night dark lights nikon 365 nikond3000
Thirty Five
Photo by M I T C H Ǝ L L on Flickr
greatbritain england london unitedkingdom terracotta greenwich unescoworldheritagesite unesco worldheritagesite telescope lantern greenwichpark maritimegreenwich greaterlondon royalobservatorygreenwich altazimuth gradeiilisted gradeiilistedbuilding astronomerroyal altazimuthpavilion astronomycentre newphysicallaboratory royalboroughofgreenwich redbrickinflemishbond royalmuseumsgreenwich williamcrisp whmchristie altazimuthhouse photoheliographtelescope
Royal Observatory Greenwich - Altazimuth Pavilion - lantern
At the Astronomy Centre at Royal Observatory Greenwich. Next to the Planetarium is the Altazimuth Pavilion. I had a brief look inside, but there was nothing worth taking inside. Grade II listed building. Altazimuth...
Photo by ell brown on Flickr